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Nabii Tito from Tanzania

Meet prophet Nabii Tito from Tanzania

A friend from Tanzania who wants to remain anonymous just sent me a story of this man of god. Meet prophet Nabii Tito who opened shop in Tanzania and started making money off religious people, a bizarre twist of events happened when Nabii started behaving oddly, he was videod several times preaching while drunk and had multiple sex escapades with female church members because ‘the bible’ commanded him to. The photo below is what led to his arrest in January this year by the police-the lady on the left is his wife and the other, a housegirl( replicating the union between Abraham, Sarah and Hagar).

Prophet Nabii attempted suicide in custody and was referred to a psychiatric hospital, he was confirmed to be sick and committed to a mental asylum. Recently, some staunch members have raised alarm about a coordinated effort by evil influences to tarnish the image of their spiritual leader.

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