What Ifa Says

Ifa said that:-
No matter how quiet you are, 
No matter how easy going you are,
No matter the level of your gentility,
You will still have enemies.
But Olodumare has given us victory over the enemies. The stubborn among them that refused to repent will die of crash wall (From collapsed building). Ifa Ejiogbe confirms the above statements.
Kakawon ribiti kafibon tiwon
Eruku a taala bole seru
A difa fun Ayilegbe orun
Eyiti yio fogiri alapa
Segun ota re raurau
Komawo luwonpa
Ogiri alapa,
Komawo luwonpa
Ota ile ota ode
Ogiri alapa
Komawo luwonpa
Otakunrin otabinrin
Ogiri alapa
Komawo luwonpa.
Gbogbo abinu eni
Ogiri alapa koma wo luwon pa.
Ase Edumare. So shall it be.

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