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what is unknown

What is unknown?

Happy Ifa day to all my awesome people across the globe

What is called uncertainty?
What is unknown?

Today has revealed itself but tomorrow is unknown. Because of the unpredictability of tomorrow makes Babalawo cast Ifa every Ifa weeks days……
There is something called destiny, wether we believe this or not, regardless of our take on this, there is a phenomenon of nature, this phenomenon battles human activities in their daily life. From dawn to dusk no one knows what will happen to his/her life. When the daily activities and our life is going on smoothly we are happy and when one is perplexed with disillusionments we become disappointed, we will now ask Olodumare why? why this is befallen us? Forgotten about destiny and it impact on our daily life and activities.

Life sometime May bring forth happiness, sour, sugar, sweet or sadness. These is why we need to make consultation from time to time. We have to make consultation if not weekly then monthly, at least once in two months.
Unlocking that immediate future sometimes helps us in coping with the immediate events as the events reveal themselves. May we be correctly guide on our daily activities! Ase Edumare!!!

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