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Why do you worry too much about enemies?

Why do you find it difficult to pray for your enemies in some instances?
Why neglect your guardian spirit (Ori) that will fight for you?
Please listen to the Voice of Olodumare from Ika fun as follows :-
Ki iku ma pa eni to ji to ndani loro
Ti a ba ji ki a ma ri’ra wa
Ki arun ma se eni ti ngba imoran ika nikun
Ko foju sile ko woran wa ko wo ohun ti Ori wa yoo se
Ti Ori kan ba nyi ti ti ti
Ti o ba pe a di Ori ire
Adifa fun Ori ti ntorun bo waye
Iranran Ori ni yoo ma ran mi se, Iranran
Ori ni yoo da ire fun mi
Ori ni yoo ba mi segun
Iranran Ori ni yoo ma ran mi se, Iranran

Let death not strike the wicked who wakes up to wish us evil
Let them live to see us in good spirit
Let sickness not afflict the evil doer who is malicious
Let them witness the goodness our Ori will bring to us
If one Ori is still expecting goodness
At long last, it shall be endowed.
Cast divination for Ori coming from heaven to earth.
What will support me most
My Ori will always assist me
My Ori will endow me with all good things of life
My Ori will make me victorious
What will support me most?
My destiny will never desert me.
Stay blessed
From Araba of Oworonsoki Kingdom, Lagos Nigeria.

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