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Esu is not Satan

Google Translate: Èṣù is not Satan or Devil – Spread the word (Video)

This is a peaceful campaign and awareness of who Èṣù (or Esu) is. We should all get a polo shirt and customized it with ” Èṣù- (or Esu) is not Satan”. Come December 24th, 2015, wear it to anywhere you are going in your area. Snap yourself with the cloth and put it here on facebook for the whole world to see.  Help us share with the whole world! With hastTag #EsuIsNotSatan  If the truth has been forbidden, let’s start breaking the rules. Ire ooo

Watch video after the page break.

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  1. Nigeria Property

    re you giving out free t-shirts ?

  2. Babalola Belovedjohn

    Esu is god but not biblical bible or devil in the bible. This is a known fact but the Christians came and turn it around so people will hate the traditional religion.

  3. Owolabi Bodunde

    I love this. Keep it up please. Educate people.

  4. Leo Churchill

    Here they go again. Fetish

  5. Tony Balogun

    At last someone is posting something meaningful in years. #EsuIsNotSatan #JesustakeNote #Chrsitian #Muslim #Nigeria #Lagos


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