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Èṣù nunca precisou das nossas oferendas, nós que precisamos dele.

Èṣù nunca precisou das nossas oferendas, nós que precisamos dele. #EsuIsNotSatan

Hoje, Ele precisa é da nossa voz. Dia 24 de dezembro é o dia que já a alguns anos, nós devotos da Religião Tradicional Yorùbá escolhemos para gritar ao mundo algo que deveria ser óbvio, o Òrìṣà Èṣù não é ...

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Esu in Yoruba IFA

Óoro Èṣù

Today, December 24th is the day chosen by us, Oníṣẹ̀ṣè (practitioners of traditional Yorùbá culture) to remind the world that the Òrìṣà Èṣù (Orisha Exu) is not the devil present in Christian culture and Islamic culture. For us, Èṣù is ...

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esu ola Ilu

Èṣù Láàlú: The wealth of The Universe/Nation

The Èṣù Láàlú in Ìṣẹ̀ṣe is different from Satan/Shaitan in their Bible or Quran. All his attributes of power, wisdom, knowledge, and skills are all given to him by Olódùmarè for his mission on earth. He does not have the ...

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Quote of the century

Èsù Is Not Satan But A Provider Of Wealth – More functions of the Deity. #EsuIsNotSatan

Good morning my people, hope you had a splendid day, I pray as we are going out this morning that èṣù ọ̀dàrà will provide for us Àse. Let us have a brief lecture about èṣù ọ̀dàrà. Èṣù is one of ...

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esu alaje bitcoin

#Esu Alaje: The Orisa Of Wealth (#Bitcoin) and Economic prosperity

Esu alaje is the Orisa of wealth and economic prosperity. This Orisa helps to accumulate wealth and avoids the decline of one’s economic growth. Esu alaje is an extremely primordial Orisa that anyone wants to have wealth, economic prosperity, growth, ...

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#EsuIsNotSatan: Who Èṣù Is And Who He Is Not.

We need to let people understand what Èṣù, really is , what it is not and to educate and encourage our Yoruba people to own up to their long held misconception about Esu and correct the mistakes commonly made in ...

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“WALK FOR ÈṢÙ” on the 24th Of December 2020. #EsuIsNotSatan2020

Join us to participate in the forth coming Awareness & Peaceful Walk Tagged “WALK FOR ÈṢÙ” on the 24th Of December 2020. This will be a Peaceful individual Campaign on the denigration, the misinterpretation and wrong identity attached to ÈṢÙ. ...

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esu loves you

Oríkì Èsù #EsuIsNotSatan

Laaroye !Adijale taketeBaba oritaA fi bi direA fi re dibiMa se mi o.Ma so beeni mi di beekoMa so beeko mi di beeniOjowu OkunrinLaaroye Ogiri okoElekun nsunkun, Laaroye nsun eje;Onimi nsu mi, Laaroye nsu ifun;A rin lanja lanja laaluA jo ...

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esu is not satan

Elegua Vs Elegbara

Elegua or Ellegua comes from the word Elegbara which means spirit of the trickster. When the Atlantic slave trade took place, alot of the Oodua (Yoruba) words got corrupted mis-pronounced and mis-spelled because of the Spanish dialect.Gbara – strengthElegba – spirit ...

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esu is not satan

Esu Is Not Satan: Orisa Esu

ESU is not SATAN Esu is one of the Orisa in IFA Religion. The christians and the Muslims are trying to blackmail Esu by equating him with their own Satan, Ashitani, Devil, demon, Lusiva and other evil doers in their ...

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