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Oríkì Èsù #EsuIsNotSatan

Laaroye !
Adijale takete
Baba orita
A fi bi dire
A fi re dibi
Ma se mi o.
Ma so beeni mi di beeko
Ma so beeko mi di beeni
Ojowu Okunrin
Laaroye Ogiri oko
Elekun nsunkun, Laaroye nsun eje;
Onimi nsu mi, Laaroye nsu ifun;
A rin lanja lanja laalu
A jo lanja lanja laalu
Ode ibi ija de moleIja ni otaru ba dele Ife
Ti o fi de omo wonOro Esu to to to akoni
A o fi ida re lale
Esu ma se mi o
Omo elomiran ni ko se
Pa ado asubi da,Na ado asure si wa.
Óóro Esu o !!
Laaroye !
He instigates a fight and stands by to watch.
The old man at the junction.
He blocks evil with good and good with evil.
Do not manipulate me!
Do not turn my Yes to No
Do not turn my No to Yes
The jealous man.
Laaroye, hard like a rock!
The bereaved is weeping tears while Laaroye weeps blood
While one passes excreta, Laaroye passes intestines!
He walks with a graceful gait
He dances with a graceful gait
He knows and regulates the stage of a conflict.
Otaru arrived Ife in the midst of a fight
He bound their children
Esu’s matter should be approached with caution.
It is hard.
We will scare people away by brandishing his sword
Esu do not manipulate me
Go and manipulate other people
Go and manipulate my enemies
Reverse the evil talisman
Point the good talisman to us.
Óóro Èsù o !!!.
Ose loni kose mowa lara ni owuro yi.

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