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My advice to President Jonathan – Comrade Abdulbaqi

Jonathan has achieved a lot in his five years now. He was successfully able to privatized the power sector. The Almajiri project in Northern Nigeria. Among other things is improvement in power sector. As his name carries Good luck Jonathan, a person from a working class family in the remote part of southern Nigeria, walked his way into reaching the highest office of the land, the office of the President and Commander in Chief if the armed forces Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Jonathan, who happen to start form a deputy governor, to substantive  governor after the impeachment of his boss, to a vice-president, acting President and finally to a president after the demise of  President Yar’adua.

Firstly, Jonathan should thank GOD for his blessings and mercy for all he has done to him, all of this stages and offices, President Jonathan has and is occupying, got them for free as God will and destiny are clearing the ways for him against all odds.  Secondly, President Jonathan should also consider the fact that, even from within his ruling party, there is mounting opposition  from loyal supporter of G7 governors and other big party big wings. by standing for 2015, he may help in bringing down the hard labour if the founding fathers who has work tirelessly to see that the PDP remains one big and a single family.

Thirdly, let president Jonathan honours the agreement he has entered with northern governors in 2011 when he was seeking for election. It has now become evident that, that agreement governor Aliyu of Niger state is talking about do exist. This is evident because, the media did carry the  story were the president did categorically said in his interaction with Nigerians in Addis Ababa, in ethiopia in 2011 before the general elections in 2011 that, he will not be participating in 2015 election. That too must be honoured because as they say “there is honor even among thieves”  More over, as the prediction is circulating among Nigerians, that 2015 is the resurrection day for Nigeria, i think a man that his name is carrying Good luck in it should not stay to take the credit for that.

Also, as the President has been promising nigeria of fresh air and new blood,i think 2015 is that day that President Jonathan is talking about. Also, that will just be a year after the centenary celebration of Nigerias  100 years after the amalgamation of northern and southern protectorates, 2015 will also serve as the re-born/born again year of Nigeria, with free, fair and credible elections.

finally, President Good luck Jonathan has promised Nigerians especially those that does not like him or those that are critical to his government, that when he live or will be living office, Nigerians will cry for missing  him, then that shall only be in 2015 when he respect that agreement and didn’t stand for election, at the same time, ensuring free, fair and credible elections. If not, when he stands and either rig, won or loss the election, Nigerians will cry for his rigging the election, winning the election or for crying because of joy, that God has finally emancipate them from the man who breaks his promise and lost the election, and that will not be good for his name

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari.
Katsina state

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