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SHEGE KA FASA: You Are A Traitor, Arewa Youth Leader Lashes At Sultan Of Sokoto

Following his comment that condemned a security outfit by some northern groups, Operation Shege Ka fasa, the National President of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, Alhaji Shettima Yerima, has lambasted the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar, saying his comment showed him as a traitor to the northern region.

Shettima who cleared air that the initiative was not to counter operation Amotekun that was initiated by the Sourthwest governors, said the position of the Sultan on the matter showed he had nothing to do to stop the killings in the north.

“The issue is that our region needs community policing more than South west. The security of this country cannot be left to the government alone. There is need for us to have a community police and that is what I have been advocating for. With our population, we have grown to the level that we need the efforts of the community policing to compliment the efforts of the police at the federal and the armed forces. So for me, it is a thin that we need, and people feel it is also needed in northern part of the country.

We initiated the operation Shege ka fasa to encourage the governors, let them take the initiative, enact the law backing it, not outside the law, so that at the end of the day we can be like counterparts in other parts of the country. This is not a rivalry to Amotekun or counter move”.

Speaking about the comment over the security outfit, he lashed at the royal father. His words: “Does Sultan have the monopoly of knowledge? Where was he when Lagos State was chasing our people back to their home? Where was he when the major market with large concentration of our people in the north is being demolished, did he make comment? What was his effort that all this while we have been suffering from insecurity? Does it mean that insecurity should only be addressed in your comfort zone and you just sit down and make noise? What has he done to the families of the victims? We have never taken him serious because we know he always have sympathy for the South, because he is not concerned about what is happening in the north. So, what he was saying is not new to us.

If he cannot proffer solution, is he not in position to call the northern governors and ask them what they are doing about this insecurity, and if we initiate one, is not supposed to commend us, call us so that we can now put heads together? He alone cannot do it, and he should not stop other people from doing it. We are sick and tired of killing in this country. We didn’t form Shege ka fasa to tackle Amotekun. Amotekun is to help fight insecurity and we are also doing, so that this country can become a safe place. Anybody who comes again this move is a traitor.”

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