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Funny Video: Aboki love Charm Fail

So funny see how this Aboki used Love Charm on his dream Girl Lol

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In Brief: President Putin’s Address to the United Nations in Top 10 Quotes (Video)

Putin delivered an eagerly awaited discourse delineating Russia’s position to the United Nations General Assembly on Monday. Here is an outline of what he said. Russian President Vladimir Putin conveyed moderately few amazements at his UN General Assembly, in spite ...

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Iran Accuses US of Terrorism, Calls Sanctions ‘Unfair’

Hassan Rouhani addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Monday afternoon, discussing matters such as the Hajj pilgrimage disaster and the Iran nuclear deal. Rouhani made a conclusion that US and Israel are to blame for regional terrorism.Moving to Iran’s relationship with the international ...

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Check out top 12 Weird Mental Disorders That Will Leave You Speechless

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Suffering from Koro Syndrom or Foreign Accent Syndrome? See 12 Weird Mental Disorders That Will Leave You Speechless

Mental issue influence a lot of people in the public arena today and have been for many years. Thankfully innovation and sufficient exploration has now made it much simpler for us to perceive, comprehend and treat numerous issue that were ...

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Australian Researcher: Phone Radiation is a Hotline to Brain Cancer.

A highly respected Australian doctor, currently in remission from brain cancer, is speaking out on his belief that radiation from wifi, cell phones and their towers is a major factor in increasing brain cancer rates.   Dr. John Tickell is ...

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6 Big Mistakes That Can Kill Your Blog

Each blogger’s fantasy is to have a blog that positions in the top ten list for his country and niche. We longing to develop our online journals to a stage where making millions month to month come on autopilot. You ...

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Nigerian International Passport

Lost Nigerian Passport: How to Replace, Renew or Apply for New One

Has your Nigerian Passport been lost, stolen or need renewal? Try not to freeze or panic! I will walk you through the procedure of rapidly replacing your lost or stolen travel permit, notwithstanding or whether you’re at currently abroad or ...

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5 Methods for Sending Anonymous Mails

Ensuring that your mail is secure is a major concern for users who while surfing the internet, leave their emails. As a result, they may notice an increase the number of mails they receive daily.  Nevertheless, if you do not ...

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Yoruba Oriki: Identity!!

  A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots…. Marcus Garvey    

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