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Check out Top 10 Types of Ladies a Man mustn’t Date

As we live in this Modern world today. We get the chance to understand that individuals change as time changes and the most noticeably awful misstep a man would ever make in a lifetime is to carry on with your ...

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Top 5 Reasons Why Men Go Back To Their Ex For S3x

Indeed, s*x has some kind of insane hold on people and creatures alike yet in the event that statistics that say men think in regards to s*x at regular intervals are anything to pass by, then individuals doing a reversal ...

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Jokes: Akpos got home early from work and heard strange noises coming from the bedroom.

Akpos got home early from work and heard strange noises coming from the bedroom. He rushed upstairs to find his wife naked on the bed, sweating and panting. “What’s up?” he asked. “I’m having a heart attack,” cried the woman. He ...

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4 of Top 7 secrets to a fruitful relationship

Understanding and sharing – In the event that you need your relationship to evolve over a period of time, you must figure out how to understand what your accomplice needs. You ought to likewise be willing to impart your thoughts ...

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ooni of ife

Photos From The Coronation Of The New Ooni Of Ife

See more photos when you continue after the Page Break bellow.

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Top five questions you should NEVER ask your future partner

Relationships teach us about ourselves most times – our resilience level and enthusiastic level of confinement.  Regardless of how upset you are, or how hurt you feel about your accomplice, there are only a few things you shouldn’t say to ...

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9 Relationship killer Mistakes That will lead One Of You To Cheat

But, that doesn’t mean your circumstance needs to wind up like somebody else’s. Realizing what works and what doesn’t for your relationship, you can avert any Ashley Madison allurement. Here are 9 regular socially awkward act to watch out for ...

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Top 18 Updates: Russia Military Map – DEC. 4, 2015

  Executive Summary As 2015 is drawing to a close, it is clear that the Russian military is expecting 2016 to e at least as eventful as this and last year were, with the still-smouldering conflict on the Donbass and ...

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International Military Review – Syria, December 6, 2015

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future awards

Check out Photos from The 2015 Future Awards

Photographs from the 2015 Future Awards Africa that took place the previous evening at the Eko Hotel and Suites . More elegant photographs after the page break bellow. See more Photos when you continue after the page break.

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