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Ikoja aaye pelu aimo iwon ara eni…

Mejeeji ko papo amoo won maa n wo tele ara wo leyin ni. Yorubo won ni, ikoja aaye nii mu ki fulani o kiri odo iyan. Aimo iwon ara eni naa nii sii muki abuke o ko ise atun’ko se.  Emo ...

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Spirituality Is A Journey Of Uncovering Your Own Inner Nature – Olorisa

Spiritual journey is not so much a journey of discovery. It’s a journey of recovery. It’s a journey of uncovering your own inner nature…#self discovery# #hear your soul# #think deeper# #awakening# #consciousness# #Proudly Olorisa# #Yemoja# #Festival#   Iyalorisa Omitonade Ifawemimo‎

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Òwónrín Méjì No

Òwónrín Méjì No 6.

Whoever this Odu is revealed to, such person need to offer Ebo so that his/her aftermath should be glorious. Such person need to offer Ebo to avoid a calamity befalling hin/her and this person needs to avoid been indebted to ...

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ogbeyonu - agogo igun

Iwulo Ewe To Wa Ninu Aworan Yi Ninu Odu Ifa OGBEYONU,

Ekaaro eyin eniyan mi, aojiire bi? Aku ise ana o, a sin Ku isimi oni emi wa yio se pupo re laye o ase. Loni mofe ki a mo iwulo ewe to wa ninu aworan yi ninu odu ifa OGBEYONU, ...

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Only In Cameroon: Woman Pictured Backing Her “Pet” in Cameroon

Cameroonian woman pictured backing her “pet” while trying to board a bus in Douala.

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bus conductor

Lagos State Gov. To Employ 1000 Graduates As ‘corporate’ Bus Conductors

The National President of the Bus Conductors Association of Nigeria, BCAN, Comrade Israel Ade Adeshola, through the Lagos State ministry of transportation, said it would employ 1000 graduates from different Universities as Bus Conductors, Vanguardngr reports. Comrade Adeshola also disclosed ...

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health minister

No cancer machine working in Nigeria—Health Minister

Nigeria’s minister of health, Professor Isaac Adewole, speaks on various efforts by his ministry to improve health care delivery. He was interviewed by NAN editor-in-chief, Lawal Ado. . While speaking on cancer, he said: “Much more important also in our ...

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What Is Wrong With This Post

                    I fell for this post big time. If you did, please share it with your friends.

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What is the essence of Ika?

Aboru Aboya, my brothers. I have a question. I’ve heard/read many pataki verses, but would like to know what some of you think is the core message being revealed here. Thank you kindly. O.O.

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Meet Egun Eleriko

Meet Egun Eleriko (Eleeko)

Eleeko is one of Egbe that confers multiple personalities. Eleeko is very mischievous, crafty and intelligent. Eleeko is very committed to protecting his subjects and providing for them…. Akiiika Aseege!!! Eleeko boo ban n looko ole Dakun mo ya ile ...

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