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101-year-old paedophile bags 13-year prison sentence

A 101-year-old paedophile – one of the oldest convicted criminals in British legal history on Monday was sentenced to 13 years in prison for 21 sexual offences against children.  Ralph Clarke, from Birmingham in the English Midlands, was found guilty ...

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2-year-old boy kidnapped inside a church in Imo State

According to Frank Obodo, a two(2) yr old boy Chijindu Felix was kidnapped at 1130am on Sunday 11th DEC. 2016 at Emmaculate Heart Parish Catholic Church Umuagwo Ohaji. Since one week now, the family is passing through pains n uncontrollable tears ...

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Yoruba Latest 2016 Movie – Suuru


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esu is not satan

E jé kí bàájé bàájé ó mà bàájé nsó ….

Àwá ó sì má a tun se bò léyìn Translation : Let the spoilers continue with their destructive aptitude While we will be mending it from behind It’s about that time of the year again when we all hit the ...

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Yoruba Festival

The significance of women in Yoruba Religion can not be over-emphasized.

Listen to this from Owonrin Sika(Owonrin Ojo Ose);- Owonrin Wokawoka Adifa fun Orunmila ti nlore gbe Ojose niyawo Ifa wa fun wa lowo Ose ta wa, oni lojo Ose. Ifa wa fun wa laya/loko Ose ta wa, oni lojo Ose. ...

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Diz Ifá

  “O tempo é muito lento para os que esperam, muito veloz para os que temem, muito longo para os que sofrem, muito curto para los que regozijam, porém para os que amam o tempo é eternidade”. – Obara Mejí ...

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Billionaires interviewed by expert reveal secrets to their success and they’re very simple

Vikas Shah, a Professor of Entrepreneurship has interviewed the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Sir James Dyson, and Steve Ballmer and here he reveals their simple secrets. Their secret formula is captured in these ten points and unsurprisingly, passion is ...

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Iba fun ogun lakaye…

Iba fun ogun lakaye osin imole oni omi nile fi eje we ida oni aso nile fe imo kimo bora bi aso this is my grand father odun ogun festival all mi amigos i prey for everyone of you with ...

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alaafinofoyo esu is not satan

Alaafin of Oyo confirms #EsuIsNotSatan

All hail the king. Ikú baba yeye, Aláse Ikeji Orisa Alaafia of Oyo. As you can see, our king is holding his own cloth to show the whole world that ÈsùIsNotSatan… What are you waiting for??? Go get your own ...

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cheating wife

A man nabbed sleeping with another man’s wife on her matrimonial bed !! (#EsuIsNotSatan)

A man was caught sleeping with another man’s wife on her matrimonial bed. As if they rehearsed it, both the randy and the promiscuous lady said simultaneously, “ise Esu ni”(it’s the work of Esu). Good people, did our cherished Esu ...

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