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alaafinofoyo esu is not satan

Alaafin of Oyo confirms #EsuIsNotSatan

All hail the king.
Ikú baba yeye, Aláse Ikeji Orisa
Alaafia of Oyo.
As you can see, our king is holding his own cloth to show the whole world that ÈsùIsNotSatan…
What are you waiting for??? Go get your own shirt
December 24th is gonna be fun!!!


Join us to participate in the coming event tagged WALK FOR ESU on the 24th Of December 2016 which is said to be in form of peaceful individual campaign to denigrate the misinterpretation and wrong identity attached to ESU…Now Lets the countdown begin!

For those who are interested in buying the T-shirt should call 08079722547 or message me here… Adupe O!

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