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Arole and his partner visit Ooni of Ife’s palace – Video

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Olajumoke Shines in new photo

She’s dope !

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Syrian War Report – May 31, 2017: US-led Coalition Panics As ISIS Collapses In Syria And Iraq

The US-led coalition and US-backed forces are on full alert over the collapse of ISIS in the Syrian province of Aleppo and the success of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) against the terrorist group at the Iraqi border with ...

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New management in hell

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Please listen to this pompous ass!

I bet the Russians, the Iranians and the Syrians are terrified out of their wits by this tough talking wannabe cowboy… But the reporters, yeah, they *truly* love that… (But, seriously, when will American learn that “talking tough” is considered ...

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Syria alepo

Syrian War Report – May 30, 2017: Tiger Forces Prevail Against ISIS In Aleppo

  Voiceover by Harold Hoover The Bazreh area in eastern Damascus has been fully liberated from militants. On Monday, the last batch of militants and their supporters left the area and Barzeh was taken under full control by government forces. ...

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Lagos - Yoruba

Ìpínlẹ̀ Èkó ṣe Àjọyọ̀ Ìdásílẹ̀ Àádọ́ta Ọdún

Ìjọba-àpapọ̀ sọ Èkó di ìpínlẹ̀ ni àádọ́ta ọdún sẹhin.  Èkó jẹ́ olú ilú fún gbogbo orilẹ̀ èdè Nigeria tẹ́lẹ̀ ki wọn tó gbe lọ si Abuja.  Ìpínlẹ̀ Èkó jẹ ikan ninú ipinle mẹ́fà Yorùbá. Yorùbá ni “Èkó gba olè, ó ...

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Yoruba Spirituality is Second to none: Top Yoruba Spiritual Forces and Praise names

Spiritual forces Àasà female spirits. Àbikú the spirits of young children who live a short life between Reincarnations. Àjínde the spirit of a deceased ancestor (egún) who speaks at their own funeral through a medium. Agbasà the spirits of a ...

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us strike in syria

Syrian War Report – May 29, 2017: Situation Escalates At Syrian-Iraqi Border

The US-led coalition is desperately trying to prevent the Syrian government from restoring control over its borders with Syria and Iraq. Since Friday, US-backed militant groups, also known as the Free Syrian Army (FSA), have repeatedly attacked the Syrian Arab ...

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tiger woods _Naija Gist

Tiger Woods Arrested for driving under the influence of…

Golf legend Tiger Woods has been arrested for driving under the influence, according to police reports. According to the Palm Beach County sheriff’s office, Tiger Woods, one of the highest paid athletes of the past century, was taken into custody on Monday morning after a traffic stop ...

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