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Syrian War Report – July 11, 2017: Government Forces Rapidly Advancing In Southeastern Desert

Voiceover by Harold Hoover The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies conducted a surprise operation against US-backed militants in the desert east of Damascus. Government forces liberated Dier Nasrani, Rajm Bakar, Jabal Makhoul, Bi’r Makhoul, Jabal Seis, Tal Sad ...

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China Makes 1st Step In Shifting Naval Balance Of Power In Pacific

The Peoples’ Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) launched the first Type 055 Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG) on June 28th, 2017. The vessel represents a major technological step forward for China’s navy. The Type 055 meets and likely exceeds the capabilities of ...

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Ta Ni Elújoba?

Elújoba ni gíwa tí ó kúrò Lóríi oyè gégé bíi alásé oau Láìpé yìí Tí gbogbo ènìyàn sì n kan sárá sí òjògbòn náà kìí kúkú se pé wón n déédé kan sáárá sí Baba Ìwà rere àti òótó inú ...

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Aseyin Charges People Of Ipapo And Oke Amu To Foster Peace In Their Boundaries

People of Itesiwaju local government area of Oyo State have been urged to complement efforts of Senator Abiola Ajimobi led government by ensuring peaceful co-existence with people of Iseyin Land that share boundaries with them. The Chairman, Conference of Obas ...

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Àwon òrìsà tí e kò mò (sùgbón tí ó ye kí á mò) {Some Orisa you probably don’t know (But you have to)}

   Òrìsà Bayani.  Òrìsà alágbára yí ni òrìsà omodé tí a bí pèlú dàda . Ó dára kí a ma bo òrìsà yí kí á sì ma bèèrè fún ìdábòbò, kí á b’orí òtá àti gbogbo ire ilé ayé. Gbogbo ...

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To you Erelú, Why haven’t you come with peace? But with pain and tears, But why!why!why! Why did you like disturbing my girls? Why don’t you let them be? Erelú ògbògbó Why did you like coming l’ógbòn ojó, Even with ...

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breaking news

Suleja Flood! Many Lives & Properties Lost. (Photos)

Residents Seen Relocating !! An omo Ooduarere was on a routine search yesterday at Suleja,Niger state and  discovered that so many lifes and properties have been lost due to the tragic scene especially those who built their houses close to ...

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Eleda, Elemi…

Olodumare is known as Eleda(The creator/maker), Elemi (The Owner of Life) See more bellow.

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Odu Ifa Ejiogbe: Iwure that can help to gain Wealth, Prosperity, love and favour

In this article i will explain in detail ifa daily or occasional iwure (prayer or spells) that can be use by any body to gain Wealth And Prosperity and love and favour from people in their life pursuit. When ever ...

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Yorùbá spirituality

“To be a great priest in Yorùbá spirituality, you must be truthful and Honest”

S’òtító s’òtító S’òdodo S’òdodo Ení bá s’òtító n’imolè ó gbè Be truthful Be honest Only those who are truthful will be favored by the Imole. You also need to be patient because : Ìrin baba wa, ìrìn Èrà ni Ení ...

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