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accredited Baba alawo

Link: Accredited Baba’lawo and Iyanifa in Nigeria and Abroad

Many people, members and nonmembers, ask the University of Ifa to recommend reliable Babalawo in Nigeria and abroad.

Many of them are scared because there are many frauds using Ifa to scam unsuspecting devotees.

When in doubt, please contact the following members who are able to guide you to Babalawo and Iyanifa who might be able to assist you in your development:
Awoyemi Olorunwa
Oba Edu Faniyi Osagbami
Akinwale Faseyi Awo Rere
Kola Abimbola
Iyalorisa Omitonade Ifawemimo
Popoola Owomide Ifagbenusola

Alimi-Adeniran Adebayowa Isiaq
Agboola Awodiran
Fatah Toromade
IyaOgbe OmoEdu Osuntinuwemi Oyewole
Ominiyi Adesanya Awoyade
Luis Emilio Marin
Nkrumah Enterprisesllc
Baba Adigun Olosun
Ogundipe Segun
Ben Ige
Ogunlola Ifaniyi
Lanre Okemuyiwa

If you are a babalawo and you would like to be placed on this list, please inbox me for verification.

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