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accredited Baba alawo

Link: Accredited Baba’lawo and Iyanifa in Nigeria and Abroad

Many people, members and nonmembers, ask the University of Ifa to recommend reliable Babalawo in Nigeria and abroad. Many of them are scared because there are many frauds using Ifa to scam unsuspecting devotees. When in doubt, please contact the ...

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EID: Babalawo or Traditionalists Come and defend yourself if you are one of such character?

Babalawo or Traditionalists that attend EID or obey Islamic Rules are Con-Artist known as Professional Sacrilegious Fraudsters; and better still a Spiritual Criminal! Come and defend yourself if you are one such character?

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baba ifa

Top 6 Signs To Know Real Babalawo (Ifa Chief Priest)

Who is a BABALAWO? A real Babalawo is a father of all secrets, a trained diviner of Orunmila and other Orishas (Gods and Goddesses), highly skilled in offerings (Ebos / Sacrifices), gifted in all kinds of spiritual baths, adepts in ...

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Oluwo, Babalawo or Iyanifa and Awo Atemaki

Priesthood: The Oluwo, Babalawo or Iyanifa and Awo Atemaki!

Let us read an article on PRIESTHOOD 1. Oluwo: This is a man who has studied and practiced Ifa as a priest for many many years and has not only seen Orisa Odu but owns Orisa Odu (Olodu: owner of ...

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There’re Two Categories Of People

I. Babalawo- The chosen one by Olodumare with other qualities stated by my brother Aremo Seyi Sotubo Seyi. 2. Babaalariwo- The noise makers. You have a choice to make from the above. Be wise and choose well. Stay blessed. From ...

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Ogbe Rikusa ifa Divination

Babalawo/Onifa Is Not Human Ritualist !

Another crusade must be born !!! Babalawo/Onifa is not human ritualist. I am a happy man today because my numerous posts since over seven years led to “Esu is not Satan”. This can be verified from my timeline. Now this ...

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IFÁ, the Babalawo and S3xual Relations

An Awo Ifá (Ifá Priest) has to do things (and have Relationships) with LOVE, the Awo Ifá or Babalawo can’t have Sexual Relations to abuse or take sexual advantage of female clients (god daughters), this behavior is punished by Orunmila ...

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See why we can’t all be Babalawos!

We can’t all be Babalawos but we can all learn Ifa and be well versed in the Odus. The children of the xtians will always say: The Bible says: … Why can’t our children say: Ifa says… One of the ...

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The Difference between BABALAWO, ONISEGUN and ADAHUSE?

BABALAWO, ONISEGUN and ADAHUSE? Adahunse Adahunse do isegun random(not on daily basis). (‘Adahunse ma nye ise wo boya lowo ifa tabi osanyin ki o to se itoju alaisan) based on the directive of the godess. Adahunse do “isegun” random (not ...

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