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Babalawo/Onifa Is Not Human Ritualist !

Another crusade must be born !!!
Babalawo/Onifa is not human ritualist.
I am a happy man today because my numerous posts since over seven years led to “Esu is not Satan”. This can be verified from my timeline.
Now this new crusade is very important.
Some pictures were displayed today by Ifamimo-Alabalase Temple Ondo Icir where a man was caught with a fresh female head. The ignorants would shout, “these Babalawos have come again”. But we should kick against this blackmail.
Ifa said in “Obara Owonrin” as follows:-
Bi e ba ri Babalawo ki e ma kee Babalawo
Orun ni Babalawo ti gb’ori Oye wale aye
When you see a Babalawo, you must honour the Babalawo
Its from heavens that the Babalawo brought the head(destiny) of title to the earth.
Therefore, Babalawos(real and not fake) are honourable people and not ritualists (human).
Stay blessed.
From Araba of Oworonsoki land, Lagos Nigeria.

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