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Top 6 Signs To Know Real Babalawo (Ifa Chief Priest)

Who is a BABALAWO?

A real Babalawo is a father of all secrets, a trained diviner of Orunmila and other Orishas (Gods and Goddesses), highly skilled in offerings (Ebos / Sacrifices), gifted in all kinds of spiritual baths, adepts in medicines and charms preparations and a custodian of African Tradition Religion and Customs.
Most people confuse a Babalawo (Ifa Priest) with other Orisha Priest like Ogun Priest, Esu Priest, Obatala Priest, Sango Priest, Osanyin Priest… etc.
Yes a Babalawo can also be a Priest to multiple Orishas (Gods and Goddesses) but it is not necessary.

Here are Top 6 Signs To Know Real Babalawos & 6 Truth About Babalawos

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