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IFÁ, the Babalawo and S3xual Relations

An Awo Ifá (Ifá Priest) has to do things (and have Relationships) with LOVE, the Awo Ifá or Babalawo can’t have Sexual Relations to abuse or take sexual advantage of female clients (god daughters), this behavior is punished by Orunmila and Ìyá ODÙ (the Iyaami Aje Nla and wife of Orunmila).


The Awo Ifá or Babalawo has to be careful with the management of his sexuality (sexual energy/ sexual drive), because behind any Awo Ifá or Babalawo the Irunmole Ìyá ODÙ fallows him. If Ìyá ODÙ doesns like the presence of any woman around her IGBÁ ODÙ (pot), she also doesn’t allow the Awo Ifá to be with other woman having sexual relations without LOVE… These are things that Ìyá ODÙ and Orunmila punish, specially Ìyá ODÙ, and she is very SEVERE.


An Awo Ifá in regards to his sexuality, has to be very Respectful, very Reserved, and very Rightous, he has to be very pure, and should do things in the right way that they are supposed to be done. All that the AWO IFÁ does, should be done in the right way, because behind him is “Ìyá Odù”, and more so if tha initiate has received “Igbá Odù” or “Igbá Iwa Odù”. There are many Awo Ifa that take advantage of their religious level to have sex with their female clients (sisters in the tradition of god daughters). In this situation, the Awo Ifa and the other person have their degree of responsibility and guilt for this behavior. Teaching given by the Spirit TATA “G”, Emissary of Baba Oduduwa.

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