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Esoteric Mystery of How OLÓKUN came to Be.

Teaching based on the Teachings of Odùdúwà and of the Spirit TATA G, Emissary of Odùdúwà. By Awo Ifalenu OLÓKUN OLÓDÙMARÈ – is the Universal Neutral Energy, from this Three Great Beings emanated, those were OLÓFIN, OLÓFIN ÒRUN and OLÓKUN. OLÓFIN is the First Conscious -Thoughtful Energy, in this process of emanation and manifestation of OLÓFIN, from the unconscious aspect of the Universal Divine Energy that we know as OLÓDÙMARÈ to the Conscious aspect that we know as OLÓFIN, with him he drag energy that also became a conscious divine being. When OLÓFIN emanated and detached (so to speak) another Great Divine Being was generated out of this energy, he is the Great OLÓKUN.


This is the reason that Olókun is also so important, and the reason why Olókun is not an IRÚNMOLÈ ÒRUN, Òrìşà or Égún (spirit). Olókun is like another GOD, closely to the level of OLÓFIN. Baba Odùdúwà says that Olókun controls the deepness of the space of the universe, the darkness of space, that why these are part of his colors, black. From Olókun, two aspects manifested, A) ÌRÀWÒ OLÓKUN (o ÌRÀWÒLÓKUN) B) OLÓKUN AYÉ ÌRÀWÒ OLÓKUN (o ÌRÀWÒLÓKUN), has two manifestations, Baba Odùdúwà says that there are ÌRÀWÒ (Star and planets) govern by the energy of a certain Òrìşà, or IRÚNMOLÈ.


Olókun rules the Planet Neptune, who is called ÌRAWO OLÓKUN (o ÌRAWOLÓKUN). OLÓKUN AYÉ is the Olókun the manifest in this World; it has Seven Manifestations, that’s why in the Ifá tradition of Baba Odùdúwà’s Lineage they have Seven Igbá Awo Olókun, one for each of these seven aspects of Olókun. We have to ask Baba more on this subject. OLÓKUN AYÉ controls the Oceans in this planet.


Connected with Olókun Ayé and with ÌRAWOLÓKUN is OLÓSÀ, who is the Apètèbí (servant) of Olókun Ayé. Baba Odùdúwà says that OLÓKUN is a very Severe Divine Being, that’s why his Rituals have to be done with a lot of deep respect, that’s why in his rituals, if Olókun gets offended or angry he can take away a life of someone.
Note from Awo Ifalenu: Recent Teachings we have received tell us that the Severe OLÓKUN rules over Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe, also over the BLACK HOLES. The Merciful OLÓRUN rules over all the STARS, SUNS, and bodies of LIGHT in the Universe. Together with the Wise Creative ỌLỌ́FIN ÒRUN forms our Holy Trinity of Divine Powers. This are the Three IRÚNMOLÈ NLÁ. All IRÚNMOLÈ NLÁ came from OLÓDÙMARÈ that is the Matrix of the Universe, the Universal Neutral Energy that is in unconscious state, which is why OLÓDÙMARÈ doesn’t create, doesn’t listen to prayers, and doesn’t answer prayer, it’s just Raw Energy. ỌLỌ́FIN ÒRUN on the contrary is the Conscious Creator, He gave Power to the 401 Òrìşà.

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