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Olokun: Olokun is the Orisa of the vast and deep sea.

Her rule reaches from the water’s surface to the deepest darkest parts of the ocean. She is nurturing yet mysterious and unknowable at the same time.
Olokun is the mother of the orisa Aje and thus it is from Olokun that Aje (the Orisa of great wealth) is born – it is from Olokun that Aje draws her power. Children of Olokun tend to be socially awkward but kind and uncomfortably unknowable. They are quick to anger and even quicker to calm. Their moods tend to ebb and flow like the ocean. Olokun is symbolized by the sea and white she-goats are among her favorite offerings. She is represented by the number 7 and his sacred day of the week is Monday. [Note: While opinions on this vary – both in and out of Yorubaland – Curator of Peoples Culture Magazine learned from his Yoruba elders that Yemonja and Olokun are most certainly separate Orisa. However, they do compliment each other’s energy in necessary and profound ways. For these reasons one may not receive Olokun without having received Yemonja first.

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