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Quote of the Day !

”It just makes me laugh as these so called Christian now bash on Muslims and call them extremists and say they are being violent. I mean,have you Christians had a look at your history as a religion? Especially the African ones amongst you. Isn’t it through terrorism and extremism that brought the religion to Africa and enforced it on our ancestors? And the so called liberal Europeans, who claim not to be religious but still live off the wealth, status, lands and opportunities Christianity-dominated Europe has brought them, I just laugh at the hypocrisy and folly!
A day will come when our lovely Earth will be cleansed of all you religious nuts and religion carrying nut job!”-

Teekay Akin

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  1. Omotosho Kaysmart

    The Religion is not Violent, it’s the people just as we have Joseph Kony (LRA) Uganda, can we say Christianity is violent too?


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