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Warden: Aha! I’ve caught you stealing fish red-handed.

Akpos: What do you mean by red-handed?
Warden: You’ve got a bucket full of fish
right here, you can not talk your way out of
it this time.
Akpos: Oh, you don’t understand, I’ve not
stolen a thing. These are my pet fish. I
bring them to the reservoir once a week for
exercise. After they’ve had a good swim,
they come back to the bucket and we go
back home. I can prove it.
Akpos dipped the bucket in and the fishes
swam away.
They both stood in silence for 20, 30, 40
minutes…..No sign of the fish coming back
to the bucket.
Warden: Aha, you lying rogue! You steal
Akpos: What fish? Where is your proof?.
One word for Akpos.

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