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Facts About Orisa Aje:

Aje is an Orisa of wealth and economic prosperity, this orisha aid the accumulation of wealth and prevents the dwindling of one’s economic growth, aje olokun seni ade, omon bibi inu olokun ni (Aje is the daughter of olokun) aje is an extremely paramount Orisa that anybody who wants wealth, economic prosperity, growth and maintenance of wealth should have in his or her possession.

Aje is the spiritual energy that is responsible for the control of wealth, trade, economic growth, prosperity, and any type of currency, anybody who has consecrated aje and appeased it or Propitiates well will never lack behind in any form of trade.

The importance of aje can not be underate hence the odu ifa oyeku owonrin say that even it is advised we greet aje in the morning before we greet ifa, ona ti ifa gba so be ni (this what ifa said in oyekuwonrin about aje)
Opon ifa aboju telu.
Ileku asise lojude abaya gbaragada
Adifa fun osiniyi ti se akobi olokun seni ade
Aje la ba ki, aje la ba yin lowuro kutu hai, Kato barami agboniregun
It is ifa divination tray that have deep face
The gate entrance to the building with its wide chest
IFA divination reading was performed for osiniyi who is the first child of olokun
It is aje (Orisa of wealth) that one should greet and praise in the morning before greetings Orunmila
The oyekuwonrin is advising the first child of olokun not to underrate her sister aje in that odu ifa, the odu makes it clear that even one can greet aje before greetings Orunmila, that is to show how important this orisha elements his powerful in aiding one economic growth.
These Orisa elements are usually made of big cowries shells and other elements from the ocean or sea, after all the ingredients have been bought they will then be consecrated spiritually for seven days. Then the energy is perfect for use, but aje is an individualized Orisa usually prepared in the name of the person who wants to be using it, it is an orisha that any individual should have irrespective of race, colour, or religious orientation,
Aje is usually praised this way in the morning
Aje Karo o
Aje olokun
Ogugu luso
Aje oniso booji
Asewe dagba
Asagba dewe
Eni ti eru ati omo n fi ojojumo wa kiri
Iwo ni labomon ti bori aye
Aje Iwo lajiki
Aje Iwo lajige
Aje Iwo lajipe
Eni amusokun
Eni amusede
Iwo lani ra opolo aran aso oba ti kona yanranyanran
Aje agba orisha je ki ni lowo maje ki ni e lorun
Aje fi Ile MI se ibugbe, fi odede MI se ibura, aje o jire loni oo.
Aje good morning
Aje you are the owner of the sea
One who has a shelter
Aje you are the ones who people seek solace under your shield or umbrella
You are the ones who promote a younger person to the position of elders
You make old look younger
You are the force and power that rule the world
Aje is you that every human being around every day wakes up
Aje is you we wake up to greet
Aje is you we wake up to praise
Aje is you we wake up to call upon
Aje it is through you we acquired beaded pieces of jewelry and gold jewelry
Aje it is through you we acquired expensive clothes
Aje you are the elderly of all orisha
Aje let me have you in form of money in my pocket not in form of debt on my name
Aje can be Propitiate with ekuru funfu (white ground boiled beans) eyele(pigeon) obi oloju merin (kolanut with four lobes etc.
You can make an order to fully individualize spiritually consecrated aje for your self, business, or household.

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