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The New Penile padlock – What Ifa Says !

What’s the world turning into with this latest product, “The new penile padlock ” The new product can only allow the men to urinate but not to have sex.

When I was thinking of this, I quickly remembered a verse from Ose Ogbe

Bi obinrin ba ngbaja meji neji
A o samo pe eruru aye lode
Adifa fun Obatala ti nlore gbe Jojolo ni’yawo

When a woman started to wrap up with two sashes around her waist
It’s then you know that there is confusion on earth
Cast divination for Obatala who was going to take Jojolo as a wife

The superstory

Obatala who had the power to remove any organ from his body had kept his male organ with his wife named, “Awoko”. It is only when it’s time for action that she would release it.
But as destiny would have it, Obatala married another young pretty woman called, “Jojolo”.

Immediately this happened, the senior wife disappeared with Obatala’s “instrument of office”. Therefore Obatala could not have any show with the new wife, Jojolo. He had to go for Ifa consultation and was instructed to do “ebo”. He put the offering down at Esu in the forest and started singing, “Awoko wale o, ati le Jojolo lo” meaning Awoko, please come home, I have sent Jojolo out”. Awoko appeared from her hiding place and was tricked into releasing the male organ to Obatala. Obatala happily got it back and declared with his “Ase”(Charm of Authority) that the male organ shall never be removed from any man again to prevent being in total control of women.

Now this latest technology
1. Who will keep the key of the padlock?
2. If it get lost, would you call a welder to destroy the sacred organ?
3.Is this a form of penile slavery?

Your opinions?

Stay blessed

From Araba of Oworonsoki land Lagos Nigeria.

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