Ori is one of the most important Orisa assigned to manlm on earth. Wherever we may be going, our Ori is always following is. Whatever we are doing, our Ori is always there but the most important thing is if our Ori is in support of that thing or against it.
Ori is far more powerful than all Orisa because no matter how much one Orisa is trying to bless, support or protect us, if our Ori is against it, well it’s all in vain. Our Ori is the number one and the first Orisa we receive right from above.
According to this Ifa verse in Osa Ogbe:
Òsá ńlù
Ogbè ńjó
Eriwo owó ńwo
Adífá fún Orí
Orí ń t’òrun bò w’áyé
Orí dé oníse
Orí má mà jé n s’awo n bá là
Osa is drumming
Ogbe is dancing
Castes Ifa for Ori
Ori was coming from heaven to earth
Here comes Ori the maker of everything
My Ori please do not let me work without success
So we should always pray to our Ori not to go against us. When you wake up in the morning, hold on to your head and pray that may your Ori never go astray.
Get a Babalawo/Babalorisa, Iyanifa/Iyalorisa to help you ask what you can use to feed your Ori. Always make your head neat, clean and cool. Our Ori will never go against us. ASE!!! O ti seese!!!”

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