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Why did you quit your good job to serve ‘Esu’? #EsuIsNotSatan

Discussion on Esu continues. An employed graduate, a Christian, asked his friend, also a graduate but a Babalawo, “why did you quit your good job to serve ‘Esu’ “? The Babalawo answered, ” I get comfort and goodness from ‘Esu’. The banker, the employed, said, “you must be stupid to do that in this century “.

Years later, the banker lost his job and was thrown out by his landlord. He rushed to the Babalawo who now owns a house with many rooms and asked, “my friend, can you let me pack to one of your vacant rooms pending the time I will get another accommodation ?”

But the Babalawo said, how is that possible because I live with Esu? The homeless said, “I don’t mind because God owns the house.” The Babalawo said, “you are still deceiving yourself”.

They are childhood friends. What do you advise both of them? Stay blessed. From Araba of Oworonsoki Kingdom, Lagos Nigeria.

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