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“What’s wrong in using Esu pen?”

From the world of Ifa, let us share this write up with you!

I was inside the bank trying to clear some issue with my account. I will need to fill some form wish I know I will need to pen to do that.
I put my hand into my small bag and brought out my new pen majestically. Immediately I removed the pen and started filling the form, the woman beside me looked me somehow and moved away and I realized that most people in the bank attention was on my beautiful.

I don’t even look at them and focus on what I was filling. They may be thinking something else but all is know is that my pen represent what I believe. Esu laalu.
Many of our representative in the world of Ifa are using this pen and they come everyday with different stories.
No matter what you are doing, be creative and always stand out. Now we have ESU pen, the Crocodile pen, bird pen representing the Iyamis and others.
So please “what’s wrong in using Esu pen?”

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