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Photo: The APC supporters that came out in their tens of thousands to welcome General Muhammadu Buhari !

“The APC supporters that came out in their tens of thousands to welcome General Muhammadu Buhari to Uyo, the state capital of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria today” #PoliticalAttackDogForBuhari – Sunday Iwalaiye.

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This is how Nigeria’s Oil must sell for now in order to Balance her 2015 Budget

This is a near economic disaster that has now been created for Nigeria and Nigerians by the government of Jonathan Goodluck because of official corruption and resource mismanagement. The BBC News said that “From 2010 until mid-2014, world oil prices ...

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Quote of the Century: “Stealing is not Corruption” – President Goodluck Jonathan 21st Oct. 2013

This man with his Belief, mindset and public statement about the mence of the official corruption in Nigeria has no business with the presidency of Nigeria. vote him out in 2015  #PoliticalAttackDogForBuhari – Sunday Iwalaiye.

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Gen. Muhammadu Buhari Saved the Nigerian Naira & Oil Inductry from the Foreign Powers & interest

“Secondly the American president then, Ronald Reagan, sent his friend, General Walters, to me saying we should accept the IMF programme. What was the IMF programme then? World Bank and IMF wanted us to remove the so-called petroleum subsidy, to ...

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Nigerians Know Jonathan Goodluck Better in 2015 than in 2011

President Jonathan Goodluck in 2011 cunningly entered into the presidency of Nigeria with millions of the then Nigerian voters knowing very little or nothing about this untested and unproven politician on the national stage. The Nigerian press refused to do ...

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The 4 reasons Why I want Jonathan Goodluck Of Nigeria defeated Next Month by Gen Buhari

4 REASONS WHY JONATHAN GOODLUCK Should be defeated Next Month By Gen.Buhari” The ultimate defeat of President Jonathan Goodluck of Nigeria in the next month presidential election by General Muhammadu Buhari will be a very good political development for Nigeria ...

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The US Army War College confirmed to “THE REVEALER” that Gen. Muhammedu Buhari was 1980 Graduate of The College

#PoliticalAttackDogForBuhari – Sunday Iwalaiye.

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Nicki Minaj reduces her gigantic butt ?

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