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₦37.9m ($67,000) #Bitcoin: A New All Time High

History is made, Bitcoin crossed a new all time high! Let’s recap the price movement throughout the past couple years to see how we got here.

Pop out the champagne, because we’re celebrating Bitcoin hitting a brand new all-time high of $67,000! We’ve come a long way these past two years, so let’s quickly recap how we got here and what we’re looking forward to for the rest of the bull run.

On March 12th, 2020, Bitcoin tanked approximately 50% from about $6,000 to about $3,000. All markets crashed that day but because bitcoin is so liquid and easy to sell, it went down the hardest. While there was blood in the streets and many were panic selling, the convicted hodlers were buying like crazy. Us Bitcoiners are Bitcoin’s plunge protection team; we set the floor and drove the price back up. Days after we leveled out and started going back up, many started becoming bullish once again.

That tank in price started an uptrend which saw bitcoin rise from the grave of around $3,000 and march it’s way towards the 2017 all time high of ~$20,000. During this time, we saw MicroStrategy put bitcoin on their balance sheet and announce their plans to adopt a bitcoin standard. Through the year, we saw a few other big institutions announce they’ve bought bitcoin for the first time, resulting in BTC getting taken off the market for good and causing FOMO all around.

Without mercy, Bitcoin shot through the teens and up over its 2017 all-time high achieving a new height, but it didn’t stop there. For the next few weeks, bitcoin went on an absolute tear up to around $44,000 – then cooled off back to the high $20,000s / low $30,000s.

But that didn’t last for long, as the bulls were still in control. Bitcoin heroically fought back against the bears, slayed them, then marched it’s way up to it’s previous all time high of $64,840 on April 14th, 2021, per Clark Moody Dashboard.

Now we’re over $67,000 and on trajectory for the golden number everyone is waiting for  $100,000. The bulls are in control and the world’s eyes are on Bitcoin. No one knows exactly what is going to happen, but remember that anything can happen.

Sit back, relax, and watch number go up. We made it.

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