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I am from Nigeria, My country banned buying of cryptocurrencies through banks. How do I buy and where?

You can buy from the biggest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world called binance. Once you are done signing up, you will have to complete your KYC(know your customer), if you are having problems with ID, you can also use advance verification that is your BVN.

Once you are done, go to p2p. Buy USDT. Once you have USDT, you can return to the spot and buy only BTC for now. Buy low and sell high.

Also, learn about BTC and everything about it. BTC is the father of all of them. Rest are mainly noise and distraction. Learn more about BTC. You can always buy a fraction of BTC, you don’t need to buy 1 cos it may be expensive for you. You can buy From 0.00001BTC.

Speaking from the point of a Novice. A newbie will lose 1000000 times trying the noise. When you understand the BTC movement or learn something about the sideways and trending of the BTC market. Then you can try the Noise. Else, you stand to lose all your savings 1000000 times as a newbie. The answer is very ok to the person that asked such a question in 2021..

And yes, they are noise makers and distractions. Many promising just the same thing BTC is already doing even much better.

They re a few though whose use case is ok but always follow btc first, the father of all of them. When you know, you know. Start with the father.

Take for example, the father of Noise maker, ETH. ATH of ETH in 2017 BTC was 0.15BTC. Till date it’s still trying to even cross half of it where BTC has done X3 from its 2017 ATH.

By now one would think ETH should also be 0.15*3.. i.e 0.45BTC… You see the noise im talking about. if you never know about BTC first, you wont know this.

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