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Sculptures in a lake_In remembrance

Sculptures in a lake: In remembrance of the Transatlantic slave trade

Today’s modern slaves are not in chains but in debt, the latter which is not easily visible unlike back in the day slavery.

A Ghanian artist has made a sculpture in remembrance of the bad old day slavery. A sign of warning to many countries in Africa – not to go into any kind of slavery.

As it stands, Ghanaians are owing a pretty some of $ 22,140,000,000 in foreign debt- with a population of 31.07 million. Foreign debt per head is $712.58.

Compare to Nigeria where debt per headstands at $194.

These two countries are far better than many European, Middle Eastern, and American countries. Nederland stands at an average of $235,127

Ghanaian artist Kwame Atoko-Bamfo created several sculptures in a lake to remember our ancestors who drowned as they were transported through the Atlantic Sea during slavery. #ifayemiawotunde Credit: Owula

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