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Photos: See creativity – hoverboard created out of wood by carpenter

The creative young man, maybe, couldn’t afford the real hoverboard but decided to make one himself. Wow, that’s lovely.

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us sub

Video: U.S Nuclear sub Breaking Through Arctic Ice

Los Angeles-class submarine USS Hartford (SSN-768) breaking through several feet of solid ice in order to surface in the Arctic Circle. Watch the video after the page break

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Javelin missile

US Military Serious Javelin Message for T-90 & Armata Tanks ? (Video)

US Military Javelin missile poses a serious problem for T-90 & Armata tanks. The United States Armed Forces[1] are the federal military forces of the United States. Watch the video after the page break bellow.

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Photo: Toyota Unveils 1st assembled in Nigeria Toyota Vehicle

Toyota Nigeria has accomplished an breakthrough in Nigeria by uncovering of its first locally-assembled vehicle in Lagos, a Hiace transport bus.  Toyota Nigeria a year ago hinted of its arrangement to build up a vehicle get assembly plant in the ...

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10 Fighter Jets world

2016 – 2020 Top 10 Fighter Jets in the world (Video)

Top Ten Best Fighter jets Aircraft in the World 2016 – 2020 Watch the Top 10 Fighter Jets in the world when you continue afer the page break

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The Toyota C-HR

Check out This Mad SUV: Toyota C-HR

The C-HR Concept is named for its Compact size and High Ride height. With four entryways and a hatch for preeminent usefulness, it’s the ideal vehicle for “yuccies,” the youthful urban creatives who motivated the configuration. These clients put an ...

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Top 10 Strange Ways Video Games Affect Your Brain

Computer games are all over us. Kids these days begin playing games on their iPhones as youthful as two years of age, and addiction on gaming can turn into a significant issue from an extremely youthful age. Reason for that ...

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Top 5 Five Russian anti-Terrorist Weapons Which Made Their Deadly Debut in Syria

Russia’s progressing airborne crusade in Syria wouldn’t have been such a distinct advantage without the assistance of a portion of the nation’s most advanced weapons. Continue after the page break to see the list

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Video: Amazing Features Performed by Russian TOR. Anti-Aircraft Systems

Russian surface-to-air missile systems in real life. This video permits you to welcome the abilities of Russia’s bleeding edge hostile to aircraft weaponry. First, a Tor-M2U short-range strategic surface-to-air missile system (NATO reporting name: SA-15 Gauntlet) effectively draws in and ...

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homemade nigerian drone

Video: Nigerian Man builds 2 Home Made Drones

This Nigerian Man Just Re-Invented two Home Made Drones and they work superbly well, I Think Government need to make an advisory group to encourage and empower this king of people.    

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