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Dearest Ooduarere Readers: How is abortion not a big deal?

I, my better half and three different companions were having a dialog the previous evening at a companions house and while talking, my sweetheart hurled. One of the women there flippantly asked as to whether she was pregnant.. also, my sweetheart laughed ...

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Top 10 Silly Reasons You Want To Divorce Your Spouse, But Should Not

Our general public is about instant satisfaction. We need it, and we need it now! Besides, when we get it, it better be on point. We are used to entiletlement and rush to consider others responsible for causing us the ...

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Ajimobi Pictured Walking Daughter Down the Aisle in an alleged ₦23m foreign Wedding Dress (Pics)

A glad and energized Oyo state Governor Abiola Ajimobi strolled his lovely girl Jibola Ajimobi down the passageway last two Thursdays, September 10, 2015, in a dazzling wedding dress said to be worth N23million naira! Ajibola married her heartthrob, Ayokunle ...

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9 Telltale Signs Your Guy’s Female “Friend” Is Something MORE

Deep down, you KNOW something’s just not right about their “friendship” … Even if your boyfriend has reassured you over and over again that his female friend is “just a friend”, if you’re still suspicious, look for clues that their ...

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Top 6 Things A Woman Should NEVER Do For The Man She Loves

There are many things women will do for the men they love. Some go so far as to sacrifice their happiness. However, just because something might be done in the name of love does not make it the right thing ...

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7 Important Touches Every Hubby Should use to Reach For His Wife

The human touch has amazingly capable advantages to both sides — physically, inwardly, physiologically, and even profoundly. Studies have uncovered endless advantages. Tragically, a few men have permitted their hands to pull back from going after their wives. Here are ...

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Check out 4 Habits Of The Happiest Dating Couples

Starting a new relationship can be hard. We wouldn’t be in the relationship if we didn’t think it would make us happy, right? Once you are in the relationship though, how do you stay happy? Read on for some new ...

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Looking for Real love? Top 5 Reasons you should try inter-tribal marriages

  There are more than 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria Each of these tribal leanings are rich in values, beliefs, tradition and culture. However, these groups are restricted to a particular region; the Igbos dominate the southeast-Anambra, Yorubas, southwest-Ogun and Hausas, the ...

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Naija Babe passes out After Boyfriend Proposed To Her

  The people who know them say the Naija babe has given up on marriage and was at that point living with the gentleman full time as his ‘wife’, with or without marriage, after years  of dating. In this way, it was an ...

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Can You Settle down with A Lady That’s Richer Or More Educated Than You?

Can you settle down or wed a woman that is more educated,richer than you?. on the other hand she is working and you are unemployed? It is safe to say that she will be loyal over the long run?

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