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Relationships & Romance

7 Ideal Types Of Men Women Can’t Never Resist

Maybe you have wondered why some guys have all of the luck as it pertains to women? It’s no secret that certain archetypal males have now been proven over and to be irresistible to women — and it’s not alone ...

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Stella Damascus

Top 5 Ranked Celebrity Divorce In Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry [Pics]

There is this conviction all over the place that marriages famous people are involved in never keeps going. Giving the separation pattern among big names throughout the years, who would blame people with this belief? As much as there are ...

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5 Ways To Tell He’s real About You Within 48 hours Of Meeting Him.

Here’s the way to know without a doubt.Ever go out on a date with a gentleman and it goes so well that you think, “This is it. He’s the one”? Turns out, you’re not “the one” to him. He’s not ...

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I want somebody of my own class not a truck driver. Please advice me

Dear Admin, I am a 23year old female. My parents died when i was 8 yrs and so i dropped out of school because no-one could afford enough money to pay my fees. I then met this guy when i was 14 and he struggled ...

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7 Reasons Why Your Long Time Boyfriend Will Never Marry You

My name is daviyjones, you already know that but what you might not know is the top 7 list why Nigerian BF don’t marry their GF. Don’t forget I’m the man of list. 1. He has enjoyed every part of ...

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Check out 9 Surefire Ways You are Undermining Your Relationship

Have you ever wondered what the best approach to ruin a relationship would be? The following are nine basic and surefire approaches to undermine yours. 1. Criticize your partner, point out all his or her flaws, and demand that he ...

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4 Easy Ways To Quietly Hint Your Partner You Need More Foreplay

Here are Dr. Brian Parker’s clarifications and tips to get your fella more inspired by tasting every one of the hors d’oeuvres before paying the check: 1. Play into his manliness. “At an extremely youthful age young men are taught ...

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Check out 12 Effective Instructions For Creating A Successful & Longer Lasting Relationship

  With regards to making fruitful relationships, you require certain characteristics to be in place. Traits not just merely “present,” as well as existing in a genuine and honest to goodness way that exudes from every partner through their own ...

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Never FORCE A Relationship On A Lady

Dear People, This ‘letter’ has two purposes: To Warn and to Advice. The Warning Part A friend once told me of how a guy was pestering her life with all manner of suggestive texts and suspicious gestures, trying to FORCE ...

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Lizzy Oke

Physically challenged blogger and photographer, Lizzy Oke gets engaged

Lizzy Oke got engaged during the weekend and she took to her Instagram page to share the news. The Texas-based multi gifted woman has been in a wheelchair since 2008 after a car accident. Congrats !

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