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Top 7 Places Where Guys Can Get A Wife Material In Nigeria.

Before I proceed to list these places,i must state insistently that ladies are ladies. I know a lot of individuals in extraordinary connections that have met in spots like bars and move clubs. same goes for grocery stores and walkways. ...

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Dolapo Oni

To All The Single Ladies! 6 Main Reasons You Should Choose Marrying A Yoruba Guy

Well, this article would probably touch a few nerves but I’d like to give a caveat here, I’m not a tribalist! Needless to say, the truth must be said sometimes even if it doesn’t sound pleasing to the ears. If ...

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9 Things Ladies Do That Guys Easily Find COMPLETELY Unattractive

Why not just be yourself or act naturally, ladies? Here’s a mystery about men: we need a lady who’s cool with who she is. What we don’t like is a lady who tries to be who she’s NOT. In any case, ...

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7 Things Your Hubby Doesn’t Really Need To Know

All things considered, a lovely union can contain a minor atmosphere of riddle. Sharing the big stuff is an absolute necessity, yet it’s ideal to keep under wraps a percentage of the inconsequentials. For instance, your spouse may be in ...

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Check out Categories Of Young Ladies Around A Single Guy.

Top 7 Categories Of Ladies Around A Single Guy Yes, it’s like a drama how same scenario keep reoccurring. She says she desires certain qualities in her ‘man’ but behold he comes, and she is still confused or, will I ...

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Why Can’t I Get A Lover? 3 Causes ladies are running from You

1. You Do Not Meet Basic Attractiveness Levels Young ladies care about looks. Yet, fortunately for us, not as much as we do… There are some basic rules that each of us need to have to verify that we are ...

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Check out Ways to Spend more Time With Your Spouse

“The most delightful things on the planet can’t be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” This popular expression from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery shows us a lot of things about life generally. One thing ...

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body language

Check out 4 Tips About the Alluring Male Body Language

Trust this or don’t, ladies are great at reading your non-verbal communication. That is the reason it’s essential for you to know some non-verbal communication indications of an appealing male so you have a superior understanding of what ladies respond ...

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5 Major Killers That Threaten Your Relationship Every Day

The 5 Entanglements: 1. s*x. Let’s be realistic here. s*x is one of the essential reasons men readily get into a conferred relationship. They think it will be on demand and wild. Regularly it is for the first couple of ...

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Late Fela’s 1st Grand Daughter, Rolari Ties the knot In London [Photos]

Rolari Segun, first grandchild of Afrobeat maker, Fela and the only child of Yeni Kuti yesterday got hitched to her Australian boo, Benedict Jacka in London. The couple had before had their traditional wedding on Saturday June 27 at the ...

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