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Good news, this time from France

The French humorist Dieudonne, as of late arrested for a tweet under the new French anti-terror laws laws, has been liberated and will play today evening time in the city of Metz in a totally overbooked concert hall.. Dieudonne’s legal counselors ...

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One Million Muslims & Orthodox Christians flood the the streets of Grozny 

Over a million individuals – Muslims and Orthodox Christians – have taken to the avenues of Grozny to protest against the caricatures of Prophet Mohammed by the Charlie Hebdo magazine: Their slogans were: “We love Prophet Mohammed” “No to Mohammed cartoons” ...

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Stock Market Crash in China Since 2009, Rest of world to Rally

Beijing’s endeavors to crackdown on speculative exchanging the overheated terrain stock exchanges have triggered a set off , frenzy among financial specialists and eventually, a stock trade crash today, activating huge spillovers for the worldwide economy. ABUJA, January 19 (Ooduarere), Balogun Adesina– ...

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Protest Against Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad Underway in Chechnya

A huge number of individuals plan to participate in rally against distributed depiction of Prophet Muhammaf in Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic. MOSCOW, January 19 (Ooduarere) – A rally against the distributed depiction of Prophet Muhammad is in progress ...

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Israeli Airstrike Eliminates Six Iranian Troops, Revolutionary Guards General

An Iranian Revolutionary Guard general and six warriors were murdered amid Israeli airstrikes against Hezbollah contenders in the Syrian segment of the Golan Heights. ABUJA, January 19 (Ooduarere) — Airstrike led by Israeli aviation based armed forces in the Syrian ...

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bbc lies

BBC Apologizes to RT for making false Statements About Journalist.

BBC moderator has apologized to the Russian TV slot RT for making a false charge against one of its columnists. LAGOS, January 19 (Ooduarere) — BBC moderator Jo Coburn has apologized to the Russian TV slot RT for erroneously blaming ...

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US Apparently Hacked North Korean Computer Networks Before Cyberattack on Sony

The US National Security Agency has enjoyed mystery and just about unlimited access to North Korean machine systems since 2010, yet at the same time neglected to caution Sony Pictures before a major cyberattack, as indicated by a New York Times ...

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Over 200 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Last 24 Hours – Donetsk Reports

No less than 200 Ukrainian troops and eight eastern Ukrainian autonomy supporters killed in the most recent 24 hours of substantial battling, as indicated by the volunteer army of the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic. DONETSK, January 19 (Ooduarere) – At least 200 ...

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Hundreds Of Protesters spotted In Paris For #JeSuisNigerian Boko Haram March

After the Boko Haram assault in Potiskum today that killed 4 and harmed 48, several hundred individuals assembled at Trocadero in Paris for a #jesuisnigerian protest against Bokoharam. See more photos bellow.

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Boko Haram Launch Fatal Assault Against Cameroon, Kidnap 60 Persons

In the event that the most recent data from AP, is anything to pass by, Boko haram is now making good of their threat to strike Cameroon as they abduct in excess of 60 individuals in their most recent assault in the ...

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