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Images: Saudi King gives Daughter Pure Gold Toilet As a Wedding Gift


Wealthy Saudi king, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, gifted his daughter with a golden toilet. Yep! You read right.The toilet is made of pure gold. The king who’s reportedly worth $17 billion based on Forbes, equally spent about $3,000,000 on her behalf wedding dress. The dress that is very unique has the form of a pyramid. Pure gold toilet!! Well, Arab money are certain to get you ANYTHING!!


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The King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and I


King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, king of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, hosted an official dinner consisting of chicken and rice for Barack Obama during his visit. Afterwards, the King drove his Mercedes 600 from his residence to the tarmac where Obama’s charter plane waited for him on July 22, 2008. King Abdullah walked Obama to his plane and continued talking like they certainly were old pals. This became a Kodak moment and their picture was taken.

Both King Abdullah and Barack Obama are 46 yrs. Old. King Abdullah has been the king of Jordan since 1999, after his father’s death. Then he became the 43rd generation direct descendent of the Prophet Muhammad. Obama is preparing to become President and perform those same duties.

The King and Barack also share exactly the same vision for his or her country. King Abdullah aims to save lots of the people – regardless of religion, race, or nationality. A Jordanian official stated that Obama was sharp and an excellent listener. The Harvard Law Review obviously groomed him and perfected this skill for him. His Harvard peers elected him President while he surely could listen to all or any sides of the argument and make an unbiased decision.

Obama is an enthusiastic basketball player and proven his skills by successfully sinking two consecutive 3 pointers during his Iraq visit. King Abdullah is an enthusiastic outdoorsman and likes to ride his white soft-tail Harley motorcycle directed at him by his father. The King’s recent trip to the United States gave him a chance to do both rafting and motorcycle riding.

King Abdullah’s appointment to the throne shocked the individuals of Jordan. Critics said he was a superficial playboy and unsuited for the job. However, almost as soon as he ascended to the throne, Abdullah bewildered his most vocal critics along with his ability to take care of the job. He’s mended frayed diplomatic ties with Syria and Saudi Arabia. His grasp of political issues endeared him to diplomats in Washington.

Prepare yourself America for Barack Obama’s shock. Obama has proven he gets the skills needed to operate this country. His performance and accomplishments throughout the visit to Iraq speak for itself.

John McCain challenged Obama to see Iraq and has been whining everyday about how a media covers the story. McCain is  golfing and conducting town hall ending up in guests which are bored and drift off while Obama is gaining respect and diplomacy.

Obama prepared himself with this trip. The American people felt certain that the reality will be found whenever a staff of 300 people was assembled and reported their findings. Obama knows that the surge had minimum impact. He knows that the attacks will decrease because a stone wall has been constructed to separates the 2 cities. Obama found the reality and reported the truth. McCain found the reality and chose to carry on campaigning for a 100 year war.

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