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JOTD: Abbreviations

Some Nigerians can be very funny. I saw these abbreviations and it caught my attention.
Look at them …….

PHCN – Problem Has Changed Name

APC – Association of Past Criminals

NYSC – Now Your Struggles Continue

PDP – People Deceiving People.

MTN – Maintain Total Nonsense

NEPA – Never Expect Power Again

BUHARI – Brought Unnecessary Hardship Among Reasonable Individuals.

NAIRA – Never Allow Igbos Rule Again

ABACHA – After Babangida Another Criminal Has Arrived

Don’t laugh alone…….Let others laugh with you.

*Na only for Naija e de happen o…..*

*Na only for Naija* you
go see fish inside

*Na only for Naija* we
dey count money after
we withdraw am from
ATM because we no
even trust ATM.

*Na only for Naija*
PHCN dey say:-Win a
brand new GENERATOR
if you pay your NEPA

*Na only for Naija*
people dey horn for
traffic light make e
quick change from Red
to Green…

*Na only for Naija* Pharmacy dey sell Coke, Recharge Card, Chin chin, Puff puff and beer.

Wetin you no see for
Naija, you no fit see am
anywhere in d world…

*Na only for Naija you go see one person dey use Bold5, X3, Ipad2 and Nokia N8 all at once while his mother dey sell groundnut for Junction.

*Na only for Naija* you go see mad man dey control traffic, people wey get sense dey obey.

*Na only for Naija* you go see native doctor dey use laptop connected with MTN modem. Maybe they are now consulting the spirits online..

*Na only for Naija* u go see a man selling a book from street to street that says HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITHOUT STRESS. I wonder why him no read d book.

I salute Nigerians……
Just laugh out DAT stress jhor
My Nigeria Your Nigeria our Nigeria My country if you. Agree share it???

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