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Akpos Breaks up with his nagging Girlfriend !

Akpos wanted to get rid of
his nagging and
over demanding girlfriend.
He tried all attempts which
did not work out.
One day, an idea flashed into his head.
He logged in to
facebook, browse d into
people’s profile and
suceeded in downloading 4
beautiful girls pictures. He printed it out
and wrote R.I.P
with a red ink on each of
the pictures. He hid
them in a magazine and
kept it ontop of his tel evision.
On saturday morning, his
girlfriend was cleaning the
house and saw the pictures
on the magazine. She
walked up to him. Girlfriend: Darling!
Akpos: Sweetie, what is it?
Girlfriend: I saw this pictures
on a magazine
at the top of the television,
who are these girls?
Akpos: Oh! Forget about
them, it’snot
Girlfriend: It’s important to
me, i need to know please.
Akpos: Ok, this one is
Onome, i met her at a
friend’swedding . We dated
and wanted to
get married but 2 months before the
wedding, she got involved
in a caraccident
and died. This one is Ngozi,
we met at Mr
Biggs restaurant in Ughelli, we dated for a
while. One day she was
goingto Lagos and
her car catched fire, she got
recognition. This one is Amanda, she was my
neighbour’s daughter who
came back from
London where she was
schooling on a visit.
We met and spent a night together. She was
involved in Dana Air Plane
Crash while
returning to London. Her
body was notfound.
This one, oh Eloho, her name is Eloho, we
went to visit my Pastor, on
our way back, a
truck ran over our Keke
Napep, she died
instantly, the driver and i survived.It was after
her that i met you.
Girlfriend: Met who? No be
me and youo! I
am no longer interested in
this relationship, bye bye.

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