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I’m Not S*x Addict As Many Think – Cossy Ojiakor

Actress , singer and dancer , Cossy Ojiakor , has said that her lifestyle does not hinder her relationship with God because she has certain Christian values and is not a sex addict like many think .

Speaking with Saturday Beats, Cossy, said, “ I think one of the secrets to my looks is that I’m not addicted to sex. The exotic dancing is just like a ritual . I only have sex once in a while. When one has a lot of people asking one out or who want to be in a relationship with one, one gets tired .

“ I’ m born again because I believe that Jesus is my personal Lord and Saviour . One can only be saved by the grace of God . So, all the people preaching that one is a sinner should know that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God according to the Bible. ”

The entertainer also noted that some clerics did unthinkable things that people overlooked. “ Don’t think that your sin is too much and you won ’ t make heaven . Nobody is perfect . Pastors lead extravagant lives and even travel abroad to ‘ carry’ girls . I used to supply ladies to one of those pastors . As a matter of fact , I didn’ t know he was a ‘man of God’ . His church is very big and he has a large congregation . Also, a reverend father once pressed my breasts and gave me church money .

“ People should know that God is always willing to forgive because nobody is holy . I ’m an evangelist and I’ m true to myself. If one is true to oneself , it means that one would be saved by grace. I am an Anglican person . I go to church in my hometown .”

Cossy also complained that the Nigerian Police Force treats domestic violence with kid ’s gloves . She said , “ When a lady goes to report about assault and domestic violence, the police do not treat it as a big case . They think the couple will reconcile . Most times, these women want justice but don ’t get it .

“ Some of the women who stab their husbands do so because the police had failed them . They had reported countless times but nobody cared .

“ Someone once threatened me with a bottle. I reported him to the police who didn’ t do much and he came back the next day .

“ Before ladies act , they must have been pushed to the wall. Police should deal with those wife beaters severely . The law should take its course. ”

Ojiakor also said that she’s been scarce in the acting scene because the pay has not been commensurate with her present comfort level . She added, “ I have not been getting the kinds of job that I want. My comfort level has gone up so much and the money I’ m offered is not worth the stress.

“ In the past , I used to act for passion but now , I put my comfort first. As one gets older, a lot of things begin to dawn on one . Asides from acting , other things now pay my bill .

“ There are people that pay to watch me dance and they have fun . I dance but it ’ s for selected people . I’ m actually one of the first dancers to dance with brassieres . I don ’ t think there were people doing it before me . I ’ve also been learning how to do strip teasing and pole dancing .”

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