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Looking for God !

Some were looking for God. They found themselves. Some found religion. Some in the process, found faith and lost their five senses. Some found God, and refer to their brothers as Infidels, Gentiles and Pagans.


Some were looking for God. They got lost and were founded by a Shepard and they became a sheep. Some were looking for God, they found wealth and they became an impostor like Christ. Some of you are so desperate. You will make a jealous God your Almighty!

Some were looking for God. They fast and prayed relentlessly until they were preyed upon by wolves in sheep clothing like pastors and Imam and deceitful Bàbáláwò’s.

Some were looking for God; they continue to fall into trance and became unconscious because of their belief that Christ was crucified by his father, “Jehovah God” to save them from their personal sins? And some rejoiced because their God was barren but loves them as slaves.

Some were looking for God they became paranoid whenever they came across the number “666.” Some were looking for God. They became born again or converts. And war with crusade and jihad against their blood brothers.

Some found God and discovered who they were. Others did, and lost their identity like most African elites. Some found out they were Atheist, agnostic and free thinkers. Others who found out they were human (Eniyan) love all mankind regardless.

Are you still searching for a God?

~Odua Balogun Kakanfo (OBK).

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