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Why (Cat) Fishes Are Hyper Active At Night –

The morphology of fishes is very wide, but as you understand each stages, it reduces the complexity.

There are some animals that functions mainly at night. In fact, the night is needed for them to express their true nature.

Examples of such animals are Bats, Owls, Scorpions, Cats, Rats, Rabbits, Mice, Cockroaches and some fishes which catfish happens to fall among this category.

They are called NOCTURNAL animals.


Nocturnal animals are animals that are created to be active during the night and sleeping or rest during the day.


I will be sighting more than two illustrations for proper clarification.

As I am about to give the illustration for the first one, I’m just laugh out very loud, because a lot of persons will laugh out loud as well…

There are some persons who don’t sleep once they hear the sound of an owl close to their window,

They immediately wake anyone around to start praying to bind the witches around.

Am not in anyway saying witches don’t exist, No! l just want to clear a superstitious belief with the right knowledge of what’s really happens when the sound is heard.

First and foremost, you must note that the Owl is a nocturnal animal that functions only at night.

So when it wants to mate with it’s female counterpart, it (the male) releases sounds to its female counterpart so they can mate and continue the circle for reproduction of young ones.

You see, just as the male frog croaks during raining season to alert the female frog for reproduction seek, same is done by the Owl to continue existence of it’s kind.

Second illustration is the Cockroach and rat you see always at night and you keep wandering if those irrigating creatures can’t come out during the day so you quickly end their lives.

Well, I am very sorry to disappoint you my brothers and sisters, they are NOCTURNAL animals that functions when you sleep.

That’s how the creator of heaven and earth designed it to be.

Now to the Last illustration which will pilot the topic for today.

Lets assume you went for an all-night prayer that you were really active all night long, it’s expected after the prayers, you sleep without disturbances so you can quickly balance the night you didn’t sleep.

Now, if you observe, during the time of your sleep, if someone mistakenly wake you up to cut short the sleep, you become furious at the sudden interruption in the sleeping circle.

Sometimes it leads to some kind of headache that takes additional rest to correct back to the norm.


During the day, fishes tend to use the afternoon to rest as they easily get stressed to any form of disturbances.

The night is their hyperactivity time where they catch their fun.

It’s really very important you don’t joke with their feed once its between 6:30pm and 7pm to prevent either injuries or unnecessary cannibalism on themselves.

That’s why, you are always advice to sorting either very early in the morning when the weather is cool or in the evening when the sunset.( remember sunset means when the sun is down in the evening between 6pm and 6:30pm. Why sun rise implies when the sun comes up in the mornings 7am and there about)

If you notice, fishermen fishes at night, the question you will ask is why night and not day time?

That’s because they don’t come out during the day, they simple locate the deep and quietly wait till it’s evening before they come and search for food.

The kind of fishes you notice around when you visit the river are the very small fishes. That’s because small fishes eat voraciously when they are small and quickly adjust to the norm as they grow in size to prevent being used as food untimely by man.

Nursing mothers ( Someone who is still giving breast milk to her child), and those who have raise a child or children will relate from experience the illustration I’m about to give below.

When a woman gives birth, the child sucks almost every minute, the mother is advice to be well fed constantly to keep the milk flowing in a gushing manner for the baby to constantly feed from the mother .

Now, as the baby grows, adjustment starts occurring with other external supplement that will support the baby’s growth,

Then it moves from eating with breast milk to eating just thrice (3) in a day.

Sometimes through maturity he or she fast to keep body under subjection.

That’s same feeding mode with your fingerlings, juvenile, jumbo, mélange and table size fishes. to aid proper digestion.


Stress is the one number factor that leads to untimely death of your fishes in your pond.

By all mean avoid the trap stressing your fishes.


Everyone knows the feeding mode that works best for him or her, this topic is to guide one on some things you just can’t explain and how to prevent unnecessary struggles.


Hyper Active – means high activities which is above normal.

Morphology – means structure or form.

Complexity – means something that is wide in study.

Category – means selected numbers.

Illustrations – means Examples.

Clarification – means to explanation for all to understand.

Superstitious – means something that is imagined to exist but actually doesn’t exist.

Croak – means the sound male frog makes during raining season when they want to reproduce.

Irrigating – means something you don’t like seeing.

Furious – means to be very angry.

Norm – means proper way a particular thing is done, ( it’s the abbreviation for the word called NORMAL)

Voraciously – means to eat without restriction or boundary.

Gushing – means in a forceful way.

Supplement – means to support with what one have.

Till the next article drops…

I remain my humble self

Imade .O. Stanley
Consultant, Fish Maintenance.

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