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Ekú ọdún tuntun 10,058

The Yoruba scholar Remi-Niyi Alaran teaches that the Yoruba have a distinctive calendar (Kojoda, which means “may the day be foreseen”). The new year begins on the third day of the month of Okodu (June 3). This means tomorrow will be Odun Tuntun ( the Yoruba New Year).

According to our ancestors, our calendar was established by Orunmila when he was in Ile Ifé in human form teaching the masses; thus our calendar begins with his incarnation on Aye (Earth) as prophet. Tomorrow, June 3, 2016 of the Europoid calendar, will actually be the start of the Yoruba New Year on 3 Okodu of the year 10,058 of the Kojoda (Yoruba calendar).

In the name of our prophet, Orunmila, who incarnated in Ile Ife 10,058 years ago to teach the masses the science of Olodumare, I wish you all to celebrate a Happy New Year tomorrow.

Ekú ọdún tuntun 10,058 !!!!!
(Happy New Year 10,058)

(painting of Orunmila by artist Stephen Hamilton)

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