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I woke up like this!

Odua Balogun Kakanfo, the Internet Òrìsà. The only greater gods are my dead ancestors. From Oduduwa to Oranmiyan. Ajaka to Sango. The thunderous enigma in Afin (palace), Kawo Kabiyesi O! And the four hundred and one (401) peripheral Orisa’s that has made the yoruba people and their land the core of their existence. I remain humble before thee, with my chest kissing the dirt of the Earth (ile).

Today will be good to me. My week (Ose) will not be weak. And my months (Osu) will be better. This year (Odun) will be greater than the last. It is not by might. It was written. Ase!

Ekaaro O !

~Odua Balogun Kakanfo (OBK).

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