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“Ó tán ni ní sùúrù.”

On Jaap Verduijn and Brenda Beek’s books.
I have now had the chance to read Jaap Verduijn’s books.
The books annoy me. And I am slow to get annoyed.
I consider sùúrù one of the most important human qualities.
But the publication is what we call, “Ó tán ni ní sùúrù.”
In other words, it is written with an attitude to dissipate any form of sùúrù.
It has no redeeming aspect to it.
Is it the constant misspelling of Yoruba words, in which “Ire” is spelled as “Iré,” not only once but throughout all the volumes?
Is it the dishonest claim that the book is not about Yoruba Orunmila, yet one sees Opon Ifa illustrations, with Odu signatures, all stolen from Orunmila corpus, in Brenda Beek’s illustrations?
In what other traditions, apart from Orunmila, does one find these Opon Ifa iconographic images?
They are disgusting books.
They demonstrates a European arrogance and lack of respect for African cultural matters.
I am sorry I bought these books.
I want my money back.
Jaap Verduijn should really be ashamed of himself.
He is misleading and abusing his poor apostle, Brenda Beek.
I do not recommend these books.
Mr. Verduijn should desist from attacking African cultures.
He should not release any more of these insults upon indigenous cultures.
If he continues with this practice, he invokes the wrath of the Iyami on his Ori.
I really do want my money back.
Do not buy these books.
They do not represent any African cultural praxis.
They are a mockery of Africa
And they bring shame to the authors.

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