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5 of Top 5 Russia’s Most feared Military Planes (Tupolev Tu-160 )

Tupolev Tu-160

Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bombers (NATO reporting name “Blackjack”) is amazingly fast for a strategic bomber plane, accomplishing a most extreme pace of 2,220 km/hour. This far outpaces the American key aircraft like the B1-B Lancer (1,448 km/hour) and the B-52 (1,000 km/hour).

The Blackjack gloats an amazing 7,300 km battle radius.

The Tu-160 is built to convey atomic and ordinary weapons. The turbofan-pushed Kh-55MS missile can be launched from the Tu-160 conveying a 200 kt atomic warhead with a unimaginable scope of 3,000 km. In light of all the above, doesn’t Russia “yet brag anything equivalent to its most recent US fifth-era contender planes?” despite everything it stays to be seen.



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