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Russia has started building its own Internet, by Evgeni Super

Translated and subtitled by Scott Humor


Time, Forward! Is the project of journalist Evgeni Super

Russia has started building an alternative Internet, not on paper, but in reality. Why do we need it, and how it will work will be analyzed in today’s issue.

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Time of Technology


Russia has started work to create a global satellite Internet system “Sphere”. The project involves deployment of a system consisting of 640 small satellites that will provide integrated communication, navigation and remote sensing throughout the planet. This incredibly complex but implementable task will allow us to create our own national system of access to the Internet and mobile communications, independent from third countries. However, this project is only part of a comprehensive strategy to strengthen the information sovereignty of our country.

Now we are working on building our own system of root DNS servers, independent of ICANN, which generally determine the operation of the global Internet addressing and most of which is now under the control of the United States. Based on the ideas of the father of China’s firewall Fan Binsina, which indicates possibility for several countries, such as Russia and China, to create a direct communication bypassing the root DNS servers in the United States.

Despite the fact that the Internet has long became a part of our lives, we are on the threshold of the Internet of things era, in which the importance of this network will increase. However, in fact, Russia is unarmed before Washington’s attempts to disconnect us, if not from an entire network, then from many of its important components, for example, electronic certificates. Unlike China, we do not have a country certificate, which means that with just one click “overseas” can create many problems for us, including in transportation and other critical infrastructures. And these are just some of the likely threats.

All our efforts are now aimed at overcoming this dependency as soon as possible. But it is important to understand that we are not talking about creating our own isolated from the world Internet. We are trying to ensure our ability to use the world network without being hooked up to the “foreign switch.” In case of successful implementation, users in Russia will not notice any inconvenience at all.

The first satellites of the Sphere system will be launched into orbit in 2022. By 2028, the formation of the group will be completed. Like any large projects, this will create a lot of others. For example, the launching of satellites will require creation of at least 25 Angara space delivery vehicles, which will transport creations of the Energomash and the Khrunichev Centre. Construction work on a new launch complex for Angara rockers at the Vostochny cosmodrome will begin this fall. The satellites themselves in quantity of at least 640 pieces will be produced in Russia, and this will require construction of new factories that produce space element base with type-nominal 22 nanometer. This will give impetus to development of domestic microelectronics.


We will tell about another important direction of information sovereignty right after a brief summary of our victories.

Time of victories

Russian schoolchildren and students continue to enjoy their victories at international scientific competitions. At the international biology Olympiad in Tehran, the Russian team won three gold and one silver medal. At the international physics Olympiad, the Russian school team demonstrated an outstanding result winning one silver and four gold awards. At the international mathematical Olympiad, students of St. Petersburg state University bypassed 70 University teams from around the world and became winners. Two gold and two silver medals were won by our guys at the 50th international chemical Olympiad in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For the second time in a row, the Russian team won the European Junior Olympiad in Informatics. And finally, our team of schoolchildren at the international mathematical Olympiad in Romania brought five gold medals to Russia. And wish our guys further victories.

[After this issue was released a team of four Russian students won gold, silver and bronze at the 15th edition of International Geography Olympiad (IGeo) in Quebec, Canada. S.H.]

Do it yourself

As noted above, Russia does not seek to create its own isolated from the world Internet, on the contrary, we invite an entire world to learn about the country, including using the Internet. Two years ago, we began an open registration in the domain zone .РУС. This project was initiated and developed by Russian companies from the Volga Federal district. Domain .РУС is owned by a Russian legal entity and allows, in contrast to the known zone .RU, to write the name of the sites in Cyrillic.

At the moment, the network of Cyrillic addresses in the zone.РУС. is actively growing and developing. And this is also a struggle for our place under the electronic sun. About 300 million people in the world know Russian and the project’s goal is to unite all people, even those living outside Russia, into one Russian-language information space. This helps to promote the language, and hence to strengthen country’s position. And, if the domain .RF limits us to the territory of the modern Russian Federation, then  .РУС confirms the thesis that Russia does not end anywhere.

Our program “Time, Forward!” also joined the Cyrillic zone development project and invites you to create interesting and useful resources for the society in the domain zone .РУС


Good deeds

Exactly a year ago, we talked about how paratroopers in Yakutia on their day, instead of swimming in fountains and getting drunk, went to pick up trash on the streets. This year the guys continued this glorious tradition of good deeds and visited a local social center, which provides assistance to families in difficult life situations. Paratroopers donated food baskets to the needy, and stationery, notebooks, and albums to children, everything that they will need to have with the beginning of a new school year.

It is pleasant that this year the tradition to make good deeds was picked up in other cities of the country. In Krasnodar paratrooper Dmitry with his wife visited an orphanage at the Church of the Nativity and brought for children all kind of yummy things. In Bryansk paratroopers brought watermelons, kvass and ice cream to pupils of a regional boarding school named after hero of Russia A. A. Titov and for the social shelter for children and teenagers of Bryansk region. In Krasnoyarsk paratroopers donated blood and then also went to a charity to help sick children.



A good example is contagious. We see a new positive tradition emerging before our eyes. We are sure that in a year there will be much more reports of good deeds on the day of the Airborne Forces and we will tell you about them.

But do not forget that you need to do good not only on holidays.  Help your neighbors every day and you will see how the world around you changes. We wish you a good and happy week! All primary sources and the transcript for the issue is found in a link under this description. Subscribe to our channel, join our community, watch us on TV and be sure to share this video with your friends.



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