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Between France and Britain, who is meddling in who’s affairs?

France and Britain were the two countries that colonized most of the colonized countries in the world. At their height, Britain control over 1/5 of the worlds population.

Among the major countries that Britain colonized include; USA, India, Nigeria, Malaysia and South Africa. These are countries that houses over 1.8 billion people presently. Like wise France, at its height, Libya, Senegal and a lot other countries where under it control.

The colonial masters notably, Britain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Spain, had in an agreement in 1884 in a meeting called by German Rod Von Bismark divide Africa between themselves in response to a conflict between Britain and France about some parts of Nigeria. The two of them all wanted to control the areas that have the largest population and resources in Africa. After the agreement, the two settled their differences and continue with their conquest.

The are insinuations that France hates Nigeria. Some claimed that France is using our neighboring France colonized countries to cause havoc to Nigeria. There are claims that France was among greatest contributors to Biafaran (Nigeria’s civil war). The France, Israel, and the Vatican were believed to have strongly supported Biafara for different motives. For France, it was to divide Nigeria as that will be advantageous to france colonized countries in Africa. The Vatican motives was because, the Vatican perceived that Christians were been killed. While for Israel is only Gods knows.

With the current insurgency in the North east, there are also reports that Israel and France are supporting it. Both the three countries bordering Borno are Francophone countries. Time will tell. But if what the people are saying is true, why have Britain and USA allow them to do that? MI 6 of Britain and CIA of US are among the most sophisticated secret services in the world, did they mean they are not aware of the truth of what is happening? Nigeria has been on Britain and US “special interest areas”, is it that they are no longer interested in Nigeria? Or are they simple part of France plan?

It will be recalled that when there was some problems in some Francophone countries like Mali, Burkina Faso, and CAR, it was France that settle it. Now the crisis in Nigeria – if any help is needed, Britain is expected to help. But already France has sent it troops to advice Nigerian army. An international summit has been held in France and Niger republic – which is also a Francophone country, what is really happening?
It will be coward for Britain and USA to forsake Nigeria and allow France to destroy it. If the Britain is no longer interested in Nigeria, then let us be,  but don’t destroy us.

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